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Water is understood not only as a means of relaxation but also as an inexhaustible source of medicinal benefits. At Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena, thanks to our innovative and comfortable facilities, we have managed to create unique spaces for relaxation. The ideal place to benefit from the mineral-medicinal properties of the water. 

At Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena, water is synonymous with health.

San Bernardo Spring: 

Centuries and centuries of experience corroborate that the water of the San Bernardo Spring has benefits both for people and for the fields and their fruits.

As early as the 12th century, the Cistercian monks used the water from the monastery to irrigate the vineyards that today form part of the Ribera del Duero D.O.. Almost ten centuries later, thanks to the waters of Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena, we continue to enjoy the quality of the waters of the area. 


Sulphated mineral-medicinal, sodium-calcium, hypothermal, medium mineralisation water. The spring temperature is 25 ºC. The San Bernardo spring has a flow of 2,246,400 litres per day.

Composition and properties:


This gives it an important laxative and diuretic action.


They are therapeutically indicated for digestive and metabolic treatments, improving liver cell activity. They are also ideal for slimming therapies and in stress processes.